Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cerita... Susu Anak

Bila fikir pasal susu anak-anak ni buat aku pening kepala. Ada orang suruh beli yang mahal sebab katanya macam-macam zat, vitamin dan khasiat ada. Ada juga yang suruh beli yang murah-murah sebab kena la dengan poket kami. Kat bawah ni ada kawan aku yang bagi "Info." pasal kandungan gula dalam susu anak-anak.

Find out how much added sugars your child could be consuming

Growing up milk powder is a rich source of essential nutrients for children. What is not essential is the excessive added sugars in many growing up milk powders in Malaysia.

You could be feeding your child up to 13 teaspoons* of added sugars every day if you see any of these common added sugars in the ingredient list of your child's growing up milk powder.

* Corn Syrup Solids
* Sucrose
* Glucose Syrup Solids

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Zeti said...

Hi there - just read your blog about the added sugar - ya its super confusing as a mother how do u know what is right and wrong! anyway gut instinct is that Anmum is not quite right. In fact my sister told me the other day that their TV ad got banned! cause they claim other brands has 40% more sugar which got them into troubel with the Ministry of Health.....u can read more http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/26444