Monday, February 23, 2009

Menghitung Hari

23rd February 2009

24th February 2009

25th February 2009

26th February 2009

27th February 2009

28th February 2009
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Friday, February 13, 2009

The big Gathering @ Laman Sanur Shah Alam.

K. Ani's Bday

Kanak² Ribena...

Orang² kuat yg menjayakan BBQ Gathering...

Tuan Rumah @ Laman Sanur

@ Laman Sanur

Tuan Pengerusi Majlis & Ex-Papparazzi....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have You Watched Them Sleep

"Have you ever watched your parents while they were asleep? Your father's body, once big and strong but now, the big is withered and the strong is weaker. Wisps of grey peek out from his hair, wrinkles now "scar" his forehead and face.

This man works hard every day and would sacrifies anything to make sure his family is provided for and his children get the best education possible.

Or how about your mother, whose soft hands once cuddled and held you close when you were a baby? Now, those hands are dry and rough, bearing evidence of the challenges she faced just for us.

This women takes care of our daily needs, constantly nagging and scolding us because of her love for us. But sadly, we often misconstrue her love as control and unfairness.

I have never thought of watching my parents while they slept, I've watched my cousins sleep when they were babies, all round and cuddly and sweet smelling. But watch my parents? No way!

But after reading this message, I realised that there was indeed much truth in it. In fact, my parents do not have to be asleep for me to realise that they have aged.

Just looking at my mother walk tells me that her legs are not as strong as they were before. Or hearing her ask me for help with flowerpot in the garden, the one she used to be able to push and drag around the garden without my help.

Or watching my dad lift a 10kgs bag of rice. I can easily carry that bag now. I am young. But to him, it is a struggle.

What do all these observations tell me? Yes, my parents have aged. They are ageing, just as I am ageing. But as I age towards my best years and become stronger, they in turn are becoming weaker. They were once the caregivers and I the receiver. In time, I know our roles will reverse. Like it or not, want it to or not, this is life.

I suppose I have always subconciously thought that my parents would always be with me, never growing old. It took that message to make me realise that my parents are not immortial. That they, too, will one day leave the world and me. Until then, I will make good use of our time together.

BY : SHAKUNTHALA DEVI (The Sunday Star, 2nd March 2008)

By the way, this article will remind me and my family to appreciate what they have now. It will not last.