Friday, August 17, 2012

[Office] Special Ex-Gratia in Recognition of Maybank Group Malaysia's Good Performance for First Half 2012

Dear Maybankers

We have just announced our results for the first half of 2012 this afternoon. I am pleased that we are making great progress with record Profit After Tax And After Minority Interest of RM2.78 billion, 21.2% higher than the first half of 2011. The Board and Group EXCO are pleased to see the traction achieved by our Malaysian operations amidst challenging operating and market conditions. This would not  have  been  possible  if  not  for  the  hard  work  and dedication of Maybankers  who  were  committed to working towards achieving and exceeding the goals set for 2012. Bla... bla... bla.....

We are making arrangements for the ex-gratia payment to be effected tonight on 16th August and credited to the salary account on 17th of August as we appreciate that it will be timely with the festive season and holidays.

Terima kasih Maybank. Syukur Alhamdulillah ada jugak bekal duit untuk kami beraya. Pagi-pagi aku pun cek la Maybank2u. Rupa-rupanya "amount" yang dia bagi adalah "gross"  bukan "nett". Ada "deduction" la pada "amount" yang kami semua dapat. Tapi aku masih bersyukur.

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