Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cerita .... Sample of Appeal Letter

Dear Madam

Appeal on Final Performance Rating Result for FY09/10 and Inter-department/Inter-Section Transfer

Referring to subject matter, I ________________________________ writing this letter to you to appeal on my final performance rating result for FY09/10 whereby I feel that I deserve ‘ON TARGET’ instead of ‘THRESHOLD’ rating. Below are justifications why I feel I deserve ‘ON TARGET’ rating for FY09/10:

1. I have been attached with Maybank IT Department since 2006 under IT Governance and currently serving in Operations Management Services, Service Delivery Department. I deeply felt that the score given to me was unfair and does not reflect my actual deliverables in FY09/10.

2. Attached herewith are the reasons to oppose the valuation done by my supervisor and reasons for my request for transfer. However I am not able to get a copy of my BSC report from my supervisor.

3. Looking at the dateline of the submission, I choose to proceed with the appeal without the BSC report.

4. Your support and reconsideration on this effort is much appreciated. If there is any additional information that I could provide you to help you to expedite this matter, please communicate to me immediately.

Yours sincerely

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